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Gaucho Academy (ASSETS)

Gaucho Academy (ASSETS)

Here at Gaucho Academy, we want to continue to offer engaging activities for all students. This is a great opportunity for students to be able to be a part of our program once again. We offer tutorials with a wide range of subjects Monday-Friday. Students can access their favorite clubs, and explore new clubs. Activities are easy and fun for everyone to do at home. Our website also includes general details of the program for parents. We hope you enjoy being part of our online program. 


Gaucho Academy ASSETS's Website


MUHSD After School Program Opt-Out Form

Merced Union High School District has enrolled all current MUHSD students in the after school program for the new school year. This includes online tutoring services and fun enrichment clubs and activities, which students may utilize for free whenever they like. There is no minimum participation required. These services will first be offered only online due to public health concerns, but we will be providing services on-site once schools are able to reopen. For
advertisement purposes, students may be asked if they will allow the tutor to screenshot them during their virtual meetings, provided that their parents/guardians have authorized MUHSD to take their photos. Parents may choose to opt out from allowing their child(ren) to utilize the services of the after school program. Additionally, students who are age 18 or older may decline the opportunity to utilize these services. If so, he/she must complete this form and email it to Please complete one form per child.


ASSETs Annual Evaluation


2022 ECHS ASSETs Evaluation