Advanced Placement (AP) Courses

Prospective AP Students and Parents:

Congratulations on your decision to enter our most rigorous level of coursework! Statistics gathered by the College Board on AP classes show that a secondary school curriculum of high intensity and quality, such as that found in AP courses, has the strongest correlation to bachelor's degree completion, while class rank/GPA hold comparatively weak relationships to bachelor's degree completion. The impact of the secondary school curriculum is far more pronounced for African-American and Latino students than any other pre-college indicator of academic resources. Further studies additionally found that 85 percent of those who took AP courses continued their education after high school. Research has also shown that students who participate in AP classes in high school receive average course grades better than 3.00 in college and more often than not earned course grade averages higher than students who took the introductory courses at the university. (AP College Board Website)

In order to ensure that all students and parents fully understand the AP course the student has selected, we would like to have all parents and students read the brief information provided here about the expectations for each AP course at El Capitan High School.

- AP Questionnaire (Coming Soon)
- AP Contract (Coming Soon)
- AP Classes Offered (Coming Soon)