El Capitan uses multiple interventions to help insure student success:

  • Teachers collaborate daily with their colleagues to discuss and improve instruction and assessment and to analyze data gathered to better inform instruction.
  • Our school employs a Grading for Mastery approach to assessment. Students may redo or retake assessments on which they did poorly. An error analysis and tutorial help are required. Please talk to your teacher about his/her specific requirements.
  • 5th period intervention. 30 minutes per day is set aside to assist students who are struggling academically. This time is utilized in 4 ways:
    • Extended Lunch- students who have a grade point average above a 3.0 and who have no Cs or Ds may use the 30 minutes to eat, study, visit the game room, play sports, or visit the library.
    • Tutorial- students who are receiving a grade lower than a C are assigned to subject-specific tutorial classes where they will receive tutoring from a teacher in that department
    • Study Hall- students who have no grades below a C but whose grade point average is below a 3.0 are assigned to a study hall class where they have time to work on school assignments and receive tutorial help as needed.
    • Freshman Advisory- All 9th grade students are assigned to a Freshman Advisory class regardless of grades. There they are supported by staff and student LINK Crew leaders to assist in the transition to high school and become familiar with the Gaucho culture. During second semester freshman with good grades will get extended lunch for part of the week.