Winter Formal 2019 Article

Steven Rice

January 2019

Winter Formal, a day where all the boys and girls of the high schools of Merced, dressed with clean tuxedos and beautiful dresses, look to have the time of their life. You see new faces, you see a lot of familiar faces even if you’ve never been to one but the feeling when you set foot into the dance is a feeling like no other. Excitement, love and just the raw emotion coming together to one place, with all the teenagers is a moment we all cherish. A simple DJ, a tacky photobooth, and people doing their own thing sounds unpleasant, but at these events it’s the thought and energy every person brings to the dance that can never be altered.

We have the dancers, the shy couples, the PDA’s, the couples that just don’t care, and the friends that just chill, but no matter who you are or what you do at these dances the dance all leads up to the crowning of Winter Formal Kings and Queens for each School. All crowded by the DJ, being announced of the Kings and Queens, people wait and wonder. Names are listed and cheers blare the dance floor for the King and Queen of their school.

It’s near the end of the dance, and all the Kings & Queens stand on the front stage. They receive their cheers and a round of applause. For the couples this timing only means one thing, slow music! The soft slow music that creates the perfect setting with the perfect energy with their perfect someone. The single people either wait for the music, do a friend pact or just sit and talk with the soft music. The slow music is so important in dances. It’s cliche but the music alone combined with the energy of the people just reminds everyone exactly what they came for. To enjoy this once in your lifetime, but for those couples, the music still goes on to let the people dance the night away.

When it’s all over, when the stars glow the strongest wherever you are or with, you get that feeling. All that stress, all that hardship and worries you’ve been having are all washed away….with these moments. Either by the dancing, reuniting with friends, or even having new experience of a dance, moments like such could never be taken away and will be remembered till the day you grow older.

ECHS Winter Formal