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“Never lose” The El Capitan Men’s Water Polo Team on their season so far and recent victory against Buhach Colony High School
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Alexis Esquivel

On the 26th of September, the El Capitan Men’s Water Polo team had a match against Buhach High. This match was their second season match of the year. El Capitan’s current record for 2019 is 5-2, while Buhach’s current record is 6-3. This match at home for the Gauchos was a rough one because  both teams had high, competitive records. 

When Winning Gets Personal: The Gaucho's Varsity Football Victory Against Modesto Christian High School
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Vianetzy Aldaco Gomez

On September 13th, 2019 El Capitan Gauchos won their first football game of the season. The game was incredibly close the entire time and had the crowd on the edge of their seats, especially for the second half. Steven Rice, a player on the team, was a reason for much of the suspense.