Ms. Virginia: The Iconic Liaison A spotlight about Ms.Virginia, an important staff member on El Cap’s campus

By: Christina Rhaburn and Za’moni Wilson

Ms. Virginia is one of our staff members here at El Capitan High School and has worked here for 6 years as a liaison. She’s also worked at Atwater High School for 12 years and Yosemite High School for 9 years. Ms. Virginia is known as an icon to El Capitan.

She applied for the position as the liaison in 1994. When Merced Unified School District first interviewed Virginia, they knew she would be fit for the position and immediately hired her. She explains, “To apply for the position is different now than before. [Back when I applied], you had to fill out [application] and get an interview. [After that], they would let you know if you were good for the position. Now you have to do an application and wait for the school district members and principals to look over your application (to see if you are qualified), plus an interview”. Nevertheless, Virginia works seriously and seeks to accept the hardships and learn from them. Some students say Ms. Virginia is hard on her kids, but many believe that “Ms. Virginia is the most caring, coolest, and nicest person here at El Capitan”, as Lyric Adam, junior, exclaims about her.

Ms. Virginia loves her job here at El Capitan High School. She empathizes with the students, especially since she was a teenager once and understands the difficulties of navigating the high school experience. Whether it’s emotional difficulties, peer pressure, or just life situations, Virginia has had many experiences advising students about making the right choices. She continues to tell kids that education is important and school will definitely benefit their future. Due to her hard work students tend to love her and respect her as they understand where she is coming from. Virginia takes pride in supporting the students and is always present whenever they need someone to talk to.

Ms. Virginia’s favorite aspect about her job is “to see [the students] grow throughout the years [along with their] maturity freshman year until senior year”. Students and staff at El Cap consider her a mentor, role model, and friend who listens and supports you. Ms. Virginia is one of the most dedicated and hardworking liaisons on El Cap’s campus.

Junior, Tessa Gonsalves

“She is a nice person and I always see her in the morning. [She’s] super energetic in the morning, greeting the students when they walk in the gates.”

Freshman, Hannah Sanchez

“She is really kind to the students whenever she sees them.”

Junior, Naomi Parra-Archibeque

“Ms. Virgina is very dedicated to her work and you know she’s always around when you need her”

Junior, Nylah Hassan

“She is very dedicated to her job. She is there in the morning welcoming students to school and wishing everyone to have a great start”

Senior, Zoey Sanchez

“She’s so cool, she makes sure I know what’s happening since I come [to school during] the second period.”