Fourteen Years of Education: We’ve Had Enough

El Cap’s Students Struggle with Senioritis as They Try to Finish the Year Strong

By: Paula Almeda

Whether it is a lack of motivation to go to class or something as mundane as getting out of bed, senioritis is an epidemic widespread amongst the class of 2019. By this time, seniors are well acquainted with procrastination and lack of sleep. If senioritis were a medical disease, a decline in grades, increased truancy, and overwhelming feelings of helplessness would be its symptoms.

When asked what could be the root cause of senioritis, Katirhyna, an El Capitan senior, phrased it perfectly. “We’ve been through 14 years of education. I’m burnt out”. Unsurprisingly, responses similar to Katirhyna were commonplace. Whenever I asked fellow seniors the same question I would hear the same offhand comments and self-deprecating jokes such as “I’m just tired of school” or “I’m done with school”. The consensus amongst those I had the chance to speak with and perhaps other seniors is that senior year, to put it eloquently, sucks. Not only do we face stressors such as college applications, work, and school, but we also deal with the uncertainty of our future.

Contrary to the popular belief that senior year is unimportant, a student’s performance in their last two semesters of high school is a determining factor for their graduation. Somehow, there is this widespread idea that senior year matters less than the other three underclassman years. This idea can cause a student to take a more nonchalant approach to academics and attendance. If a student underperforms or is consistently absent during their senior year, they risk the privilege of walking across the stage, participating in senior activities, and may lose their ability to graduate.

The consequences of slacking off during senior year may even be worse for a student planning on moving into higher-level education. Students beware! Even if you have been accepted into a college, the college still has the ability to rescind that application if you do not maintain an above C grade in all your classes during senior year!

There are ways to mitigate the effects of senioritis. Some of the main ways to combat senioritis are to utilize your support groups and to get organized. Personally, as a senior myself, buying a planner and learning how to prioritize has always helped me. It helps me organize my day and puts me on a strict schedule to follow so I don’t fall behind in my classes or overwork myself. It’s imperative to continue building the friendships you made throughout these last four years. Senior year can be incredibly stressful and make one feel isolated, but it can definitely be made better when you have friends that you can rely on and rant to. And remember: push through senioritis when your year comes around!