2018 Food Fair by Naomi Parra

Bites, stress, and socializing, oh my!

The Food Fair this quarter (September 28th, 2018) was pretty alarming. . .-ly successful! Just like our student population, people were able to get a large diversity in food this day. Not only was everyone able to purchase food and enjoy it; they were also allowed to interact with peers and connect through the beauty of music.

Scoping around the El Capitan campus, I was able to come along some people who were eager to share their experience. Here's what they had to say!

Gaucho Gazette: “How stressful was it to set up food fair (did you experience any setbacks)?”

Mr. Derek Price, Activities Director: “The first time I did a food fair it was extremely stressful. I hardly slept the night before! But it isn't so bad now. We have developed a good system and the Leadership students have really done a great job fine-tuning the process. This first food fair went really smoothly and I am very proud of our Leadership team.”

GG: “How did you participate in food fair (e.g. running a booth, buying items)?”

Ivanna Guzman (Class of 2019): “I participated by running my GSA club booth, and buying food from other clubs.”

GG: “Overall, how was your food fair experience? :)”

Tessa Gonsalves (Class of 2020): “I liked the food fair, there was a lot to choose from and the prices weren't too bad. It was a nice change compared to everyday cafeteria food.”

GG: “What was your favorite meal from a club (whether you bought it or wanted it)?”

Valeria Valdez (Class of 2021): “There were many many many good options for food which I love because there are many different kinds of food choices, my personal favorite food was probably panda express.”

GG: “Overall, how was your first food fair? :)”

Isabelle Au (Class of 2022): “My first food fair was fun and chill.”

GG: “How did you participate in food fair (e.g. running a booth, buying items)?”

Ms. Megan Besecker, Math Department and Softball Coach: “I participated in this food fair by buying delicious food. I usually run a booth for both Class of 2019 and Softball, but this time I enjoyed the environment of the food fair and it was worth it!”

GG: “Is there anything that you would want to change about the Food Fair?”

Mr. Robert Waterman, Chemistry Department: “I wish the schedule was regular schedule, and the Food Fair was an hour long.”

ECHS Food Fair Sept. 28th