2018 ECHS Homecoming

Friday September 14th was our Homecoming game! A time where students celebrate school spirit and come together to elect their classmates for homecoming court. This years homecoming nominees are very involved and were eager to share about why school spirit is important and how to get involved.

Mario Lopez, a nominee for our Homecoming Court, when asked why he ran for homecoming court replied, “I ran for Homecoming Count to show that popularity doesn’t matter. You don’t have to have all these fancy posters. My campaign started with a dumb idea, some crayola markers and a piece of poster board paper from the Library.”

Margaret Ruiz, another homecoming court nominee, stated she ran for Homecoming Duchess because “It’s good to try and get out of your comfort zone and show your potential to others.” Instead of being shy and quiet, why not show who you really are?

Jaden Micheal, a nominee for Homecoming King, who is very outspoken. He believes that the school needs more spirit. He said, “We have been accustomed to losing in football. If we had more school spirit and a better attitude, we would perform better. You always hear people saying ‘Our football team sucks’ or ‘We’re gonna lose today’ but if we had more school spirit and cheered them on, the name El Capitan would have power behind it.”

Most of the nominees think that students should join more clubs. One nominee for Homecoming Queen, Pamela Rios says to “Get every student involved in a club or sport. It makes fun high school memories.”

Now is the time to announce our Homecoming 2018 winners! Our Freshman Count and Countess are Derrick Harris and Alicea Villa! The Sophomore Duke and Duchess are Joshua Falkenstein and Lilian Eagle! Our Junior Prince and Princess are Christopher Cuttone and Angelina Giron! Now for the long awaited Homecoming King and Queen. As the nominees walked down the field, the stands were filled with anticipation. Finally, the names were called. “Our Homecoming King and Queen of the 2018 are… Ronald Harris and Shaylah Neely!”

Congratulations to all the homecoming winners! Go Gauchos!

ECHS Homecoming