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Spirit at El Capitan: What Is It and Where Is It Going? Part one of a multi-part investigation into school spirit inclusiveness at El Capitan
Lyric Adam & Rachel Livinal

 El Capitan High School, home of the mighty gauchos. A school campus that strives to encourage students to be spirited future leaders in their community. How is El Capitan preparing its students to become future leaders of society?

El Capitan's school spirit is wired around the students. Each and every student individually has the power to create, maybe in sports, classrooms, or on on campus activities. The possibilities of school spirit are endless with these students. As for sports, much goes on; the students here at El Capitan provide the players with endless support which strives them to work to the best of their abilities on and off the field, track, court, and pool. There are many sports offered at El Cap, the students reach out to support including the historically slower-moving sports like golf. No sport or student is turned down, and school spirit is fun and supportive.

Even so, school spirit varies, with the boys teams having a larger fan base of student support than the girls. Differences can also be seen between the varsity level and the junior varsity level. An example of this happens during football games as there’s actually a spirit section at the football games that only gets active around the varsity level games.

We are Gauchos and we make a big impact. The school spirit here is led to encourage students to learn, love, lead and leave a legacy, and that’s exactly what they are striving to do. The Leadership program is a great way where students can connect and bring out the best in the students, staff, and the overall well being of the school. They are very active on campus and make El Capitan feel like home. But spirit doesn’t all come from leadership.

Listen to the audio component of this investigation as various reasons are explored to ultimately determine what make El Capitan spirited in the sports realm.

School spirit, the way students can get involved and support one another in a fun way. El Capitan's school spirit, goes mostly through sports, a large amount of students bringing all of their support for the teams. There are the more popular sports given with school spirit, like football, basketball, and volleyball, and those are given more attention than the sports like golf, track, and tennis. There is a large variety of sports here for the students at El Capitan - of course we all want to be involved and show our support - but some sports are harder to reach. For example, golf is a constant moving and quiet sport, very hard for our loud and energetic supportive students to provide support. The accessibility of gold easy either, but leadership has been trying to make some improvements. The students are constantly striving to improve and will look for the things they can do to provide their school spirit toward the teams.

Student Life

How Do You Celebrate Holidays? : El Capitan students celebrate the holidays with family or friends while trying to include their culture or heritage passed down from generations long ago or traditions upheld recently
Angela Thao

El Capitan students celebrate the holidays with family or friends while trying to include their culture or heritage passed down from generations long ago or traditions upheld recently

Roots of African Thanksgivings
Steven Rice

Thanksgiving has been a popular celebration in America for quite some time now. The United States, being one of the most diverse countries, gives way for many different cultures when celebrating the holiday. African Americans played an interesting role throughout history when it came to Thanksgiving feasts. Sadly, America’s past was a darker time compared to the 21st century, but the trademark of their meals and value of faith has always been carried on through Thanksgiving traditions.

Past 2019 Articles

Continuous Effort for the Hole In One: The girl’s golf team’s overall achievements ending their season for the Fall
Savannah Hendricks

 Often times the sport of golf can be disregarded. Many believe it is most likely because the sport is just not as talked about as other sports such as basketball, volleyball, and football. Most of the school forgets that golf is part of El Cap’s athletics.

It’s Pink Out Time! The Girls Volleyball game against Merced High School and a reflection on the overall season
Julissa Ramirez

“When I say pink, you say out! Pink! Out! Pink! Out!” On October 14th, 2019, El Capitan hosted their annual pink out volleyball game against Merced High. During an interview with Coach Araceli, commonly known as Coach Chela, she was asked about how she felt their game went this year.

“Never lose” The El Capitan Men’s Water Polo Team on their season so far and recent victory against Buhach Colony High School
  • 2019-2020 Fall Sports
  • Sports
  • Waterpolo
Alexis Esquivel

On the 26th of September, the El Capitan Men’s Water Polo team had a match against Buhach High. This match was their second season match of the year. El Capitan’s current record for 2019 is 5-2, while Buhach’s current record is 6-3. This match at home for the Gauchos was a rough one because  both teams had high, competitive records. 


Tenacity, Nothing New: History of the sport wrestling, and how El Capitan teammates keep their determination in their season
Luvleen Kaur

The month of December not only marks the beginning of the holiday festivities, but also the arrival of winter sports such as wrestling and basketball. Along with the holiday sentiments of joy and cheer, wrestling makes its way through the season as a beloved sport and also as one of the oldest forms of combat. 


Narrative Story

Coming Home
Hannah Sanchez

It’s been years since I’ve seen them all together like this. The air fare was never one I was very enthusiastic to pay, but I feel like this year it’s important. I’d made the odd trip back once or twice, mostly to see my mother on special days. When was the last time I saw my brother and sisters? When was the last time I saw my aunts and uncles? When was the last time I saw my dad?