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February Issue

Audio Journalism

Spirit at El Capitan: What Is It and Where Is It Going? Part one of a multi-part investigation into school spirit inclusiveness at El Capitan
Lyric Adam & Rachel Livinal

 El Capitan High School, home of the mighty gauchos. A school campus that strives to encourage students to be spirited future leaders in their community. How is El Capitan preparing its students to become future leaders of society?

El Capitan's school spirit is wired around the students. Each and every student individually has the power to create, maybe in sports, classrooms, or on on campus activities. The possibilities of school spirit are endless with these students. As for sports, much goes on; the students here at El Capitan provide the players with endless support which strives them to work to the best of their abilities on and off the field, track, court, and pool. There are many sports offered at El Cap, the students reach out to support including the historically slower-moving sports like golf. No sport or student is turned down, and school spirit is fun and supportive.

Even so, school spirit varies, with the boys teams having a larger fan base of student support than the girls. Differences can also be seen between the varsity level and the junior varsity level. An example of this happens during football games as there’s actually a spirit section at the football games that only gets active around the varsity level games.

We are Gauchos and we make a big impact. The school spirit here is led to encourage students to learn, love, lead and leave a legacy, and that’s exactly what they are striving to do. The Leadership program is a great way where students can connect and bring out the best in the students, staff, and the overall well being of the school. They are very active on campus and make El Capitan feel like home. But spirit doesn’t all come from leadership.

Listen to the audio component of this investigation as various reasons are explored to ultimately determine what make El Capitan spirited in the sports realm.

School spirit, the way students can get involved and support one another in a fun way. El Capitan's school spirit, goes mostly through sports, a large amount of students bringing all of their support for the teams. There are the more popular sports given with school spirit, like football, basketball, and volleyball, and those are given more attention than the sports like golf, track, and tennis. There is a large variety of sports here for the students at El Capitan - of course we all want to be involved and show our support - but some sports are harder to reach. For example, golf is a constant moving and quiet sport, very hard for our loud and energetic supportive students to provide support. The accessibility of gold easy either, but leadership has been trying to make some improvements. The students are constantly striving to improve and will look for the things they can do to provide their school spirit toward the teams.

he school spirit at El Capitan is very supportive when it comes to large sporting events, or those with winning records. However, here on campus, there are a lot of creative arts that do not benefit from as much recognition. Many students involved in clubs and classes on campus involving artistic expression feel as though they are not encouraged to further their artistic abilities, and many end up taking routes in their studies that adhere to the technological or agricultural advantages the school has to offer on campus. The Leadership program offers advertisement, but is lacking in school support from the student attendance to events as frequently as sports are recognized. Within the arts community, students are able to be brought out of their shell by doing something they really love. These students into art such as Drama put in a lot of effort into making this school burst with creativity but may be lacking the support from their peers. Another problem in clubs, is the overall culture towards FFA, Future Farmers of America, and agricultural classes. Not only creative arts but there are many movements around the school that are lacking peer support such as clubs, and extracurricular classes; For example the poetry club is very small but powerful, as well as lacking student support. As for classes the art classes put a lot of effort into their work, child development is always at work, as well as spanish classes are all extremely well worked, but are hard classes. These students work very hard for these passions. Students often feel stereotyped for what they have a passion for, leaving them feeling insecure about the activities they choose to be involved in. There are some solutions to these problems, but they rely on the support from the individuals at the school. What can we do? We have this power as students to come together an offer support, some starters can be to just attend those events. From all of the years attended at El Capitan, there have been many activities, plays, events, and a lot of family events as well to involve yourself into, how have you provided your school/ student support? Attending these things are not only fun, it provides support for the students who put in the work to make these events for the school.

El Capitan’s leadership program is where our school spirit is born and brought to the surface. Leadership is to encourage the students on campus in sports, clubs, and extracurriculars as well as encourage other students to raise school spirit and awareness. The leadership program here at El Capitan has many ways students can feel involved on campus and with their peers. This can help them also feel very dedicated to the school and its events. However, overall on campus, there are so many extracurriculars that are lacking in that school support. The students on campus want to have a space to not feel judged and have support because life at home as well as school may not be easy. Although there are many subjects that are in need of school support, the leadership team is always working on creating new ways to get in touch with those extracurriculars that may not have as much recognition as the sports do.

Past 2019 - 2020 Articles

Continuous Effort for the Hole In One: The girl’s golf team’s overall achievements ending their season for the Fall
Savannah Hendricks

 Often times the sport of golf can be disregarded. Many believe it is most likely because the sport is just not as talked about as other sports such as basketball, volleyball, and football. Most of the school forgets that golf is part of El Cap’s athletics.

It’s Pink Out Time! The Girls Volleyball game against Merced High School and a reflection on the overall season
Julissa Ramirez

“When I say pink, you say out! Pink! Out! Pink! Out!” On October 14th, 2019, El Capitan hosted their annual pink out volleyball game against Merced High. During an interview with Coach Araceli, commonly known as Coach Chela, she was asked about how she felt their game went this year.

“Never lose” The El Capitan Men’s Water Polo Team on their season so far and recent victory against Buhach Colony High School
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Alexis Esquivel

On the 26th of September, the El Capitan Men’s Water Polo team had a match against Buhach High. This match was their second season match of the year. El Capitan’s current record for 2019 is 5-2, while Buhach’s current record is 6-3. This match at home for the Gauchos was a rough one because  both teams had high, competitive records. 

Merced’s Mad City Monday
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Steven Rice

On the 21st of September, Travis Credit Union hosted a program known as “Mad City Money,” which was held at UC Merced. Their presentation was three and a half hours long and touched on important factors that went in line with budgeting such as learning about taxes that will affect you when you start receiving income and buying important commodities in the near future.

When Winning Gets Personal: The Gaucho's Varsity Football Victory Against Modesto Christian High School
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Vianetzy Aldaco Gomez

On September 13th, 2019 El Capitan Gauchos won their first football game of the season. The game was incredibly close the entire time and had the crowd on the edge of their seats, especially for the second half. Steven Rice, a player on the team, was a reason for much of the suspense. 

Let's Act Together to Save Our Planet
Lyrical Adam

As you all know, our planet is not in its best shape. Why is that? Us humans harm this planet with toxins, plastic, discrimination and much more. Earth is known for its beauty, although now it is more grey than blue and green. Earth is the heart and soul of all forms of life here; we do not own this planet, this planet owns us. The Earth willingly provides people with resources for us to survive in harmony together, but we abuse those resources. 

What’s the Importance of a Student’s Life?  Music is the Answer! What melodies mean to students at El Capitan
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  • Pop Culture
Angela Thao

Music is an essential for every student’s life. In a survey sent out to all the students of El Capitan showing the top ten songs from the Billboard 100, “Ransom” by Lil Tecca was voted 26.4%, “No Guidance” by Chris Brown had 16.4%, and “Talk” by Khalid had 14.5%.



Student Life

Let's Act Together to Save Our Planet
Lyrical Adam

As you all know, our planet is not in its best shape. Why is that? Us humans harm this planet with toxins, plastic, discrimination and much more. Earth is known for its beauty, although now it is more grey than blue and green. Earth is the heart and soul of all forms of life here; we do not own this planet, this planet owns us. The Earth willingly provides people with resources for us to survive in harmony together, but we abuse those resources.