Gale databases provide access to tens of thousands of professionally curated articles on almost all academic topics. Information is drawn from respected, reliable resources and include periodicals, reference books, video and audio files, and websites. Additional features such as Google Drive integration, translation, text-to-audio, and citation help make these an invaluable tool for student researchers. 

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Student Resources in Context is a general interest database covering most topics. 

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Opposing Viewpoints- multiple perspectives on controversial topics. 

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Science in Context collects science-related stories from a wide variety of resources and is continually updated. 

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U.S. History in Context contains articles and resources covering the entirety of U.S. history and includes everything from periodical articles to primary sources. 

Gale World History in Context Icon

World History in Context covers a wide range of topics and people from throughout world history and includes primary sources and multimedia items. 

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Gale Virtual Reference Library provides access to a collection of top-quality reference books. 

SIRS Knowledge Source by ProQuest is one of the most popular and reliable research tools for school libraries. It consists of 3 different databases that can be searched separately or together. It features many of the same tools as the Gale databases, including Google Drive integration and text-to-speech. 

SIRS Issues Research Icon

SIRS Issues Researcher is a general interest database for school research projects and includes a Pro vs. Con section for controversial topics.


SIRS Government Reporter Icon

SIRS Government Reporter is a collection of resources by and about Government and contains a large number of primary sources from drafts of bills to court case transcripts.


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SIRS Renaissance is a database of resources covering the arts and humanities and includes information on topics from architecture to the visual and performing arts.



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