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"To succeed in the twenty-first century, today’s students need to develop academic knowledge, proficiency in English, and linguistic and cultural literacy in several of the world’s languages and cultures. The ability to communicate in culturally appropriate ways in a variety of settings will ensure success in a technologically driven global economy and increase intercultural understanding and the benefits derived from collaborative international efforts. Success in an interconnected world depends on students’ effective use of language and cross-cultural communication"

From: World Language Content Standards for California Public Schools


Spanish 1

Spanish 1 is an introduction to spoken and written Spanish emphasizing listening, comprehension, speaking, reading and writing. The course is designed to acquaint the student with the Spanish language and with various aspects of Hispanic life. Tapes, oral reading, written practice, role playing,Spanish songs, and cultural points of interest form part of the course.

Spanish 2

Recommended: Spanish 1 with a grade of ‘C’ or Spanish 1 competency by individual evaluation. Spanish 2 is designed to increase competency in the four basic language skills and provides additional cultural elements.

Spanish 3

Recommended: Spanish 2 with a grade of ‘C’ or Spanish 2 competency by individual evaluation. Spanish 3 has an increased emphasis on comprehension and speaking skills. Increased freedom of oral expression is encouraged, reading selections are more extensive, and writing activities are broadened to include short compositions.

Spanish 3 Honors

Carries extra grade point. This course is designed for non-Spanish speakers with intermediate oral proficiency and intermediate literacy skills. Extensive work is done in vocabulary development, foundational grammar, reading and writing. Students study short stories, plays, and poetry from contemporary Hispanic authors. Students write three major essays including personal, descriptive and analytical. Designed to prepare non-Spanish speakers for AP Spanish Language. (Need a “B” or above in Spanish 2.)

Read/Write for Spanish Speakers

Read/Write for Spanish Speakers is the preliminary class leading into Spanish for Spanish Speakers 1. The curriculum emphasizes phonics, sentence structures, reading comprehension of Spanish, and reading and writing more complex literature and compositions. This course will help students become prepared for the curriculum they will encounter in Spanish for Spanish Speakers 1.

Spanish for Spanish Speakers 1

Earns 2 years of UC/CSU ‘e’ credit. This course is designed for native speakers of Spanish who desire to improve their literacy skills and oral proficiency. Students enhance their critical reading and writing skills. Students develop an appreciation for their cultural, historical, and linguistic background through the reading and study of Hispanic authors.

Spanish for Spanish Speakers 2

Earns 2 years of UC/CSU ‘e’ credit. Level 2 is intended for native Spanish speakers who possess an advanced command of the language and literature.

AP Spanish Language

Recommended: Spanish for Spanish Speakers 2, Spanish 3 or Spanish 3 Honors. Carries extra grade point and AP designation. This is an advanced, college-level Spanish course for students who wish to develop a high level of fluency in the use of the Spanish language. Students study grammar and read advanced literature, participate in class discussions and complete various writing assignments. Students are prepared to take the AP Spanish Language exam and may receive college credit.

AP Spanish Literature

Recommended: AP Spanish Language. Carries extra grade point and AP designation. This is an advanced, college-level Spanish literature course intended for students who wish to develop a high level of reading fluency and analyze classical and modern literature. The goal is to prepare students for the AP Spanish Literature Exam and students may receive college credit. Students will read a variety of texts in Spanish from authors such as Unamuno, Borges, Garcia Lorca, and Matute.

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