Mission and Goals

El Capitan High’s English program is an extremely rigorous course of study, designed for students who are capable of higher level thinking skills and who possess advanced reading and writing skills. The students in English welcome the challenge and excitement of learning more complex and demanding material. The expectations for students in this program are very high. The profile of an El Capitan student is multi-dimensional. The student’s work ethic is demonstrated by timely, consistent, complete,and high quality response to academic assignments along with consistent, active participation in classroom discussion and presentations with a focus on technology.

Students will:
1. Read texts from classical and modern fiction and nonfiction literature such as: short stories,essays, plays, novels, novellas, poems, and articles.
2. Write several literary analyses, research-based writings, reading summaries, narrative and informational writing, and timed writings.
3. Work cooperatively in groups, partners, and independently to create projects, summaries, and analyses.
4. Develop Cornell note taking skills.
5. Acquire a deeper appreciation for literature and style.
6. Develop technological experience and skills using multiple software programs.
7. Create numerous products that use technology with a focus on literature.


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Susana Aguirre

Susana Aguirre

Teacher, Department Chair

Ms. Aguirre's Teacher Website

Tina Spurlock

Tina Spurlock

AP Language and Composition, English & Teacher on Special Assignment