Principal's Welcome

Welcome to the Home of the Gauchos!  It is a great honor and privilege to welcome you to our amazing school and stunning campus.  At El Capitan we lead, we love, we learn and we leave a legacy.   El Capitan High School’s staff is passionate about student success academically, behaviorally, and socially.  Similarly, our students, the Gaucho Stampede, embodies the true spirit of school pride.   This can be seen in our classrooms, clubs, activities, on the fields, courts and pool, ag shops, theater, and even hearing our band.  

Four years at El Capitan moves quickly.  I encourage all students to engage actively and participate in as many activities, clubs, teams, and events as possible. These extracurricular activities, along with our rigorous academics in all subject areas, will prepare students to become successful adults who leave a legacy.   It is the focus of the campus to ensure that all students leave El Capitan prepared for their post-secondary plans by being college and career ready.  

Ensuring that we successfully prepare all students for life during and after high school requires teamwork from teachers, staff, and parents and buy-in from the students.  Parental involvement and support can be achieved by parents demonstrating in the home environment how their families lead, love, learn and leave their legacy.   We will work together to ensure success for all.

I am highly honored to be the Principal of El Capitan High School and look forward to working with all students, staff, and parents to ensure our Gauchos leave a legacy they can be proud of.

Megan Cope

Principal, El Capitan High School

Megan Cope

Megan Cope